This adorable little cheeky terrier, is Scruff. He has found himself in need of a new home after serving his time in the stray kennels and he remains unclaimed 😢
He is around 8 1/2 years old and a typical little terrier… full of love and character with stubborn terrier feisty side. Scruff loves to be out and about, busying himself with what’s going on in the world ☺️
He can bark at some dogs but will walk alongside calm dogs once he settles down.
He is a dog who needs assertive guidance as he does display some typical terrier characteristics. Scruff was adopted but has been returned to us due to some of his behaviours. Anyone interested in this chap needs to be fully aware that he may look very cute, but he has some behaviours which will require firm handling and a terrier experienced and resilient home. We will discuss this in full with prospective adopters.
He does also seem to have taking a disliking to males in the home and we are looking to home him in a house with women only.
We are looking for a fairly active, terrier experienced home for Scruff where someone is around most of the time.  He enjoys a fuss and loves a good play with some toys.
We cannot place him in a home with children of any age.
Although he is learning to walk alongside dogs politely, we feel that he would be better as an only dog in the home at this stage.
He is not suitable to live with cats.
If you could fall in love with this cheeky, little man .. please give us a call between 11-2pm on 01430 423986 any day. ☺️

Quick facts

Gender Male
Age 8 1/2 years approximately
Breed Terrier Mix
Size Small
Living with Children Not suitable to live with children.
Living with dogs Would be better in a home without any other pets
Living with Cats Not to live with cats
Ideal home I need a fairly active home who has experience of terriers

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