About Us

Where we came from.

We began as a club, formed by a small group of volunteers in 1982, who wanted to do something practical to help abandoned and unwanted animals in our area.

Initially using foster homes for cats and dogs in need, we were offered the use of some outbuildings on our current site at South Cave.  At the time it was a small holding owned by a local market gardener.  The facilities were very basic with no staff room or office, one water stand pipe only, which froze in winter, and a hole in the ground which we dug to dispose of the animal waste.  It was truly a labour of love for all concerned.

As support for our organisation grew so did the number of desperate animals we could help.  So when the landowner asked if we would like to buy the land from him, we took the plunge and formed the Hull Animal Welfare Trust as a registered charity in 1992, which would operate from our own Sunnydene Shelter.  It was scary, but we were on our way!

1997 saw our first purpose built kennels and office facilities, which were subsequently joined by a cattery and small animal block and further dog pens.  Expansion like this meant that our wonderful volunteer core had to be supplemented by professional staff and the success of this blend meant that by 2016 our dream campus was all but complete with a reception, office education / visitor room, plus accommodation for management staff, who could live on site and provide ultimate care and security for our animals.

Where we are today

After re-homing over 30,000 animals, one thing has never changed – the passion for animal welfare and the care of those involved, particularly our fantastic supporters and sponsors, who provide all of the funds for our charity to carry on our work.

Without them we would not be here as we receive no other funding, but their donations and legacies to pay for shelter, veterinary & behavioural care, and re-homing to the right home.  Plus of course our neutering and education programmes as we endeavour to attack the problems at source.

It has been an incredible and fulfilling journey which is now set to go on and span the generations to ensure we will always be there for any animal in need 365 days a year.  We are always looking to enrich the lives of the animals, whilst they are with us so the passion and the fundraising goes on.

Our Promise

  • No healthy animal is ever destroyed.
  • No animal in distress is ever turned away or any call unanswered.
  • With the shelter open 365 days per year, 11 am to 2 pm. Viewing by appointment only.
  • Care is taken to match the right animal with the right home.
  • Neutering is at the heart of our operation so the unwanted animal problem is tackled at source.
  • Maximum monies raised and donated go directly to the care and attention of the animals with the minimum in administration & overheads.