Pippa *Special Home Needed*

Pippa *Special Home Needed*

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Pippa is a lovely little crossbreed who was adopted by her current owner from a rescue who helps stray dogs from Romania find loving homes.

Since being adopted she has always been quite a nervous dog who takes a while to adjust to any changes or get used to new people.  She is particularly nervous around men and is much more comfortable around women.  She is looking for a new home as her owner feels that their lifestyle and environment isn’t benefiting her.  The household is very busy with young children visiting frequently and Pippa doesn’t cope well with so many different people coming and going all of the time.  Instead she needs a quiet adult only home with someone who can give her lots of love, time and reassurance to build her confidence and let her know that she is safe.  With time and patience she does learn to trust people and bond with them it just takes her time.

She currently lives with another dog which is a little pug cross who she gets on very well with, although when out on walks she can be quite vocal towards other dogs, larger dogs in particular.  This is something that we feel can be improved with some training and desensitisation.  She also attends a doggy day care and does play well with the smaller dogs so she may be able to live with another dog but introductions first is a must!

If you are interested in Pippa and feel like you can offer her the home she needs then please contact our centre.  Applicants will first need to have the necessary checks carried out and following this a meeting with Pippa can be organised, thank you.