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Evie is friendly little girl who is sadly having to be reluctantly rehomed by her owners.  Evie has developed quite bad separation anxiety following last years lock downs and after having a new baby her owners are finding her behaviour is getting worse and becoming difficult for them to deal with in their current circumstances.

Evie is not at the centre but is still in her home where we are hoping to be able to rehome her from sparing her the stress of kennel life.  We asked Evie’s owners to write a piece on her to try and help find her the best match we can:

Evie is very loving and loyal, she loves having cuddles and a tummy tickle.
She enjoys going for long walks and running after a tennis ball, she could play fetch for hours. She also enjoys going for a swim and fetching sticks out the water.
Evie is used to sleeping in the bedroom with us, she sleeps in her own bed and loves having a soft fluffy blanket to have in the bed with her.
Evie enjoys her treats but can become quite greedy if she thinks she’s getting more than the one and sometimes swallows without chewing.
She is great at travelling in the car, she travelled both on a seat belt on the back seat or a crate in the boot.
Evie is not very good at being left on her own, she gets very distressed and upset. She needs someone who is at home all the time or works from home/retired.
She is very bouncy when excited and tends to lick a lot, she is good with kids but may frighten a small child when she becomes over excited so older children would be best.
She loves playing with other dogs, play fighting and chasing.  She does tend to be frightened of larger dogs when on a walk and sometimes becomes defensive with a small bark but then hides behind your legs.
Evie would not be able to live with a cat and she growls and barks at them.