Luna (formerly Betty)

Every year we re-home lots of kittens – below is an update from Betty’s (now Luna’s) Mum……

Her name when she came to us was Betty, but a family member has a dog called Betty, so we’ve renamed her Luna. She’s made herself totally at home, and has claimed the whole house as her own. She has a nice soft blanket in a box to sleep in, but as she’s a cat she’s legally obliged to sleep somewhere weird and draughty, so at night she likes to sleep on a bookshelf. Mostly she chooses the graphic novels, but so

Like any good Generation Z child, she’s brilliant at technology. So far she’s turned my daughter’s laptop screen upside-down, reset the font size on my Kindle, liked a few Instagram posts for my son and typed some Bletchley-Park-looking code into my manuscript. Her other best techno trick is to use her teeny tiny capacitive paws to put the wrong password into your phone and lock you out for a bit. We think at some point she will start putting the right passwords in, at which point she’s probably going to take over the world.

Sometimes she likes my trashy airport reads. Her other best sleeping spot is on a knee – ideally in a spot where she’ll fall off unless you hold her in place with one hand. This is brilliant, because it means once Luna has chosen you for her nap, you’re legitimately off the hook for any other tasks at all for the next couple of hours.

Our grown-up cat Rihanna wasn’t really convinced we needed a kitten at first, but she’s coming round to the idea. Luna is now allowed to follow Rihanna around like a shadow, to sniff Rihanna’s tail, and to play with her toys in front of Rihanna’s beanbag throne while Rihanna silently judges her. They also like to have breakfast and dinner together and eating out of each other’s dishes when they think no-one’s looking. Her meow is still very tiny, but she makes up for this by having an incredibly loud run. Some days when she comes galloping in to the room we think we might have accidentally adopted a small horse. (Right now she is killing a washing basket for me. Sometimes she forgets she’s killing it and just climbs inside and rolls it around like a battle tank. She’s excellent.) She’s our darling and we all love her, although Rihanna is still pretending she doesn’t. (We saw you giving Luna little nose-kisses, Rihanna. You’re not fooling anyone.) Thank you so much again for trusting us to give her a happy home.