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Tia is unfortunately having to be rehomed as her owners circumstances have changed.  Her owner has written a little piece about her to give you an idea of what she is like.

“Tia is a very loving and caring dog, she has helped with my anxiety by cuddling up to me on my bad days. She loves her sleep and walks but what she loves most is her food and cuddles. She can be very cheeky and sassy but that just adds to her character. She loves extreme kong toys and can spend hours chewing them, she also loves a challenge with her toys/food and learning new skills.

Tia is house trained but does get upset and wee when she’s alone for a while, she just needs to be able to trust her owners are coming back. She is very excited when she sees you, even if you have only been out of her eye sight for 2 minutes. When she does get excited, she can calm down fast when she is comfortable in your company. Tia does get very excited around males and likes to play, this can cause her to get a little mouthy (she is a lot calmer round females). She loves children but when excited, she can unintentionally knock them over so older children may be better. Tia has lived and been around children all her life, she is very attentive to children and loves to follow them around. She will chew soft dog beds so hard beds are better for her (she would much rather be able to sleep on the sofa or with somebody). Tia loves going on walks and be able to run off her lead, she will run then stop to see that you’re still walking towards her then she runs again. She likes to investigate other dogs but does sometime get scared if dogs come to close to her for a long time.”

Tia would be best suited as an only dog as this is what she is used to.