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Mia is not at our centre, she is in her current home.  If you are interested in Mia, you will need to contact the centre in advance.
Mia (pronounced Mya) is originally from Portugal and is a mixed breed, medium sized girl who was born in July 2018.
Mia is highly intelligent and is great with people. She is fully house-trained and easily learned to do tricks for treats such as down, paw, touch, watch and stay. She settles well at night and normally sleeps through without a problem. She loves to play (knotted ropes and balls are her favourite) but she needs to be supervised as she will chew and then eat her toys if she can! She eats well and enjoys all sorts of dog treats.
Mia is great at the vets and is happy to be stroked and brushed.  She’s been spayed and microchipped and is up to date with her vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.
She likes to run and play with dogs like her, but she can be over boisterous with smaller, older dogs. She’s tolerant with puppies and allows them to climb all over her. If a dog tells her off she is inclined to respond back.
She loves being outside in the garden, but the boundary needs to be secure and the gates high as she showed a tendency to be an escape artist in the early days and can jump high obstacles from a standing start. She shows aptitude to do agility type training and will happily go through tunnels and walk along beams etc. for treats.
Mia is still a pup who is learning. She needs regular exercise and gets bored quite easily and can then look for things to chew. It would be best if someone was at home for reasonable hours during the day. She can be strong when walking on the lead – especially if she sees something that she wants to go and investigate or play with. She’s less confident walking at night – particularly around traffic. At first she was pretty nervous of travelling in a car, but has really improved and is now happy to jump in the car and settles well for local journeys.
Mia will benefit from being in an active home with experienced dog owners with lots of love and patience. It may help her to live with another dog who she could learn from and she seems to enjoy being with older children. A cat is also a possibility as she is quite respectful towards them.