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I have a cat, Jess, who I need to rehome as she and my other cat do not get on despite my best efforts.  She clearly needs to be the sole animal in a household as she is very dominant and territorial.

I have had her just over a year from a rescue charity who said they needed to rehome the cats together, which I think was perhaps not ideal as they are unrelated and have never fitted together,

I am happy to keep here at home with me in Walkington until a new owner is found

Jess is around 4/5 years old, spayed and microchipped. She is used to being indoors and is litter trained. She has also explored outside in my garden but never goes far and is not fully adapted to outdoor life as she will still come in to use the litter tray even when exploring outside so I don’t think she would suit being an outdoor cat, at least not immediately.

The charity told me she has a heart murmur which I got checked out at the vet. The vet told me it is a barely perceptible grade 1 murmur that he wouldn’t have picked up on if I hadn’t told him about it, so it shouldn’t be of concern for her health.


Other than that she is a very healthy and active cat, very playful and sweet. She loves attention and is quite demanding and chatty but she isn’t the traditionally ‘cuddly’ lap cat. She will sit with you and come to sit on your lap but she doesn’t like being picked up very much and can be overstimulated by stroking her too much. She will play-bite a bit and gently love-bite your hand when you stroke her face and she is quite free with her claws, so she probably needs an adult owner who is familiar with cats and can read their body language and signals well,

I don’t think she would be suited to a family with young children.