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Harry sadly came into us after his owner had to move house and Harry wasn’t getting along with the other cats in the new property.  He is a real character and has won the hearts of the staff here at the centre.

Because he’s been in for quite a long time and he was getting rather fed up, we decided to move him into our office and as you can see, he’s really made himself at home!  He is a cat who enjoys a fuss and a cuddle if he knows you and likes you but with strangers he will not tolerate such affection until he has grown to trust you.  When he does trust you he is incredibly affectionate and regularly helps (hinders!) the staff when they are trying to do office work by headbutting them in the face to get their attention.

Because of his nature we feel Harry would be best suited in a quiet, adult only home where he can have plenty of space to do his own thing but also have lots of company as he really enjoys having someone around.  He is also very vocal about what he requires and shouts at us all when he is ready for his dinner!