Cloud & Hope


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Cloud and Hope are a special pair that we are trying to rehome together.  They came into our care after a member of the public found them dumped in a box and when they arrived with their two other litter mates, they were all unwell and had to have a few weeks of medication and tlc to recover fully.  Two of the litter have now been rehomed but Cloud and Hope are still desperately looking for a home and don’t want to spend their entire ‘kitten-hood’ stuck in a cattery.

Cloud is the more outgoing of the pair and seems to have no fear!  She is incredibly playful and loves getting up to mischief!  Hope is a more sensitive soul who since arriving has been the quietest of the litter, she was the smallest and the most poorly and at times we weren’t sure whether or not she would make it, hence her name, Hope.  But she has proved us all wrong and is now doing well and is even now growing in confidence and trying to follow her sisters lead.

Whilst having her treatment and check ups with our vet, he picked up that Hope has a high grade heart murmur and this may effect her health in the future.  Because of the uncertainty, potential adopters have been put off because of the worry of veterinary bills or the loss of Hope at a young age.  Because we are so desperate for Hope to have a chance at a normal life for however long that may be, we are willing to cover any veterinary costs in relation to her health issues.

We are looking for someone who can give Hope and Cloud the happy home that they deserve.