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Meet Claud (previously Mr Claus) he is a very friendly 18 month old American Bulldog Cross.  He came to us via the stray system so we don’t know a lot about him but we imagine he hasn’t had the best of starts to life. You may not be able to see from the photos but he has had his ears cropped, probably as a puppy ☹️ Nevertheless he is still a very sweet, handsome and loving boy who is ready for his new chapter in life.

He needs an experienced dog owner who is calm and confident as he can be very anxious when out walking around new dogs and can be strong on the lead.  He is also sometimes anxious when he is left but we do believe that in a more settled and stable environment and with training, Claud would soon improve and would be a fantastic companion.  He has occasionally been taken for overnight stays with one of our staff members to give him a break from kennel life and he was an absolute dream.  He was clean in the house and spent most of his time sleeping of wanting cuddles.  Please don’t judge a book by it’s cover, this boy deserves a chance and we hope someone will give him one!