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Relationship split and Bruce, a large strong  dog, has lost his home.  Bruce had been in the same home since being a pup and was much loved but after the split the  female owner struggled to give him the time he required. He has lived with (and is brilliant with) the 3 children aged 9 and 2 years and one of just 6 months and was used to two good walks per day,  The owner is due to return to work and Bruce would be on his own.  He is good to handle and groom, fair with cats, ok in traffic, travels well in car, house trained.  We find he has a lovely nature but he is a large strong dog.

Here’s what his owner has to say about him:

Bruce 5 year old American Bulldog (full pedigree)   Bruce has been a very much loved part of my family since he was born, he has always been around children and built up such a strong companionship with my young son from the age of 4-9years old. We have never had any issues with him and completely trusted him around all our children also aged 2 and 6 months old (whom he knew was small and was very gentle around)  As a dog and also part of our family we feel he thrived of the presence of children he’s playful, full of energy and so gentle at the same time.  He is fully house trained, always been good around other animals no issues there. He travels well and was easily trained with consistency and knew his boundaries in our family home. He also was very good at protecting our home.  If you can give Bruce the time and commitment he deserves he could be your best friend not just a pet.