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Bolly’s original owner took him on as a retired racer but only had him for 3 months. In this short time Bolly lived with two children aged 2 and 4 however the owner felt that when he was charging around the garden and house that it was too risky as he occasionally nearly knocked them over accidentally and wasn’t very keen on them trying to fuss him. We feel he would be better in a home with no young children for this reason.  He then found a new home however unfortunately this didn’t work out through no fault of his own and he has sadly come back to us again.  He is friendly with all the staff and enjoys his walks.  He seems to be OK with other dogs when out walking and may live with another larger dog if they get along.  He cannot live with any small animals and when out walking he wears a muzzle just in case any small furries run up to him.