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Blossom arrived here after her owner decided that they couldn’t give her what she needed.  She was too strong for them to walk and spent most of her life out in the garden on a chain with another dog.

When she arrived she was very wary of us all and it has taken her a long time to start to trust us.  Akita’s are a breed that are naturally wary of strangers and it can be hard to read their behaviour. They can be wilful and stubborn which we have often found with blossom when she chooses to ignore us when it’s time to come in!  Over time we have seen a totally different side to Blossom, her character is starting to really shine through and she has a very cheeky, comical side that we all adore.  She loves her sausage treats and is becoming more playful by the day.

Due to her breed and strength, it is essential that any potential adopters have plenty of experience with this breed and have maybe had an Akita of similar character so they can better understand her.  She needs an adult only home where she won’t be crowded or pushed into anything and instead will be given plenty of space and time to settle in.  Blossom isn’t used to living in a house and this may take some getting used to for her but we know that with the right person Blossom will make a someone a great companion.

Anyone interested in adopted Blossom should speak to staff here at the centre for more information.