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*We are only accepting applications from people who have plenty of previous experience with Collie breeds*

Benji was originally adopted from Romania by a family in the UK.  Benji was brought over as a pup which we can only imagine will have been quite a scary experience for him and a lot to take in at such a young age.

He is very wary of new people and tends to distrust men a lot more than women.  In the previous home he was very upset when new people would come to the house and would react by barking at people and moving towards them.

We believe that a combination of things in his life so far have contributed to his behaviour.  We are looking for a very experienced home for Benji to give him the best chance of success and to avoid any more disruption and upset in his life.  He needs an adult only home who is confident with the collie breed and can offer him a calm environment in which he can learn and become more settled.  We are unsure of whether or not he would live with another dog as he hasn’t previously.