Small Animal Policies

Our Policies.

Our general re-homing area is Hull and East Riding. Occasionally, in exceptional circumstances we may extend those boundaries.

Small Animals.

Most of our Small Animals come to us simply because they are unwanted.

We have rabbits and guinea pigs, and occasionally rats, mice, hamsters and chinchillas at the trust for re homing.

Rabbits are neutered before leaving the trust and are re homed in pairs, male and female, as they enjoy companionship. Occasionally they are re homed individually. Some single rabbits go to homes to give companionship to bereaved rabbits that have lost their partner.

Male guinea pigs are neutered before leaving the trust and are also re homed in pairs; however they co-habit with members of the same sex quite comfortably. We have a set donation for guinea pigs (depending on age)

Donations are requested for rats, mice and hamsters.

Before any animal is officially adopted an ‘Accommodation for Small Animals Guideline’ is issued and a home check is carried out. The trust works closely with the Rabbit Welfare Organisation to ensure that accommodation for small animals is up to standard at their new homes. We are always available to owners or potential owners for advice on accommodation, feeding and health care.

The trust does not have a boarding service. Owners requiring a boarding service will need to make their own arrangements. We regard all our animals to be a responsibility for life! However should you have problems with your adopted pet we are always on hand for help and advice.

Adopt a Small Animal

Small Animal Adoption Fees.

When you adopt an animal from Hull Animal Welfare Trust it will be vaccinated and neutered. When you buy an animal from a pet shop, breeder or perhaps through an advertisement in a paper, on top of the purchase price, you will then need to pay for the animal to be neutered and vaccinated.

Typical costs for vaccinations

  • Rabbit
  • £32

Typical costs for neutering

  • Rabbit (female)
  • £63
  • Rabbit (female)
  • £63
  • Guinea pig (female)
  • N/A
  • Guinea pig (male)
  • £45

Our current adoption fees

  • Rabbits (Re-homed in pairs)
  • £30×2
  • Guinea Pigs -4
  • £25
  • Guinea Pigs 4+
  • £15

You will see that our adoption fees, in most cases, are less than the cost of neutering and vaccinating the animal. Our goal is to ensure that all the animals are adopted into suitable, loving homes, are protected from common viruses and neutered so that they do not go on to add to the problem of unwanted animals.

NB. If the animal you adopt is too young to be neutered / ID chipped, this will be arranged when it reaches a suitable age and will be funded by Hull Animal Welfare Trust.