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Melody is one brave little cookie, having been dumped at the side of a pond in the rain with just a cat carrier for shelter, she was found by a member of the public and brought to us.  It was immediately obvious that poor Melody had some issues with her vision and her eyes weren’t healthy.  After seeing our vet it was confirmed that she has no vision and that her eyes were causing her discomfort, this meant that she had to have both eyes removed. After her operation, Melody spent some time in a foster home where she grew with confidence each day and has shown us just what a great character she has.  She doesn’t let her impairment affect her at all and she still enjoys playing with toys, climbing and having cuddles.

We are looking for a quiet home where Melody can have some routine and a relaxed environment.  She will have to be a house cat as she will not manage in the big outside world without being able to see.