Hello, my name is Frank (Frankie to my friends).  Well it’s been quite a journey from Romania to leafy Kirk Ella. I don’t know quite how I got here in one piece but i’m sure it’s down to lots of good and caring people who helped me on the way.  I now live in Kirk Ella with Anne and Richard and their animal family of 2 dogs and 2 cats ……..plus lots of wildlife in the garden.  I have been here since the end of May 2018.  I tried to fit in straight away as I thought this home might suit me, especially as they have a very long garden with lots of areas to explore! I have been told on numerous occasions that I am a very good boy, so I must be doing something right!

Anne and Richard have been amazed at how quickly I have fitted into their routine.  I get on very well with my siblings, I am very sociable with their many visitors and I always remember to go to the toilet out of doors ……..Anne is particularly impressed with this as she expected a few accidents!!

My best pal is Flossie the Chihuahua. she can be a bit hesitant with everyone, but she loves me and we become partners in crime when chasing the foxes down at the bottom of the garden. We never catch one of course and they very soon return for their supper once we’ve gone to bed!

I am a very loving boy and i don’t need much to make me happy. I now have regular food, a few treats and a warm comfy bed (where I spend much of my day) and a nice walk every evening. I am Anne and Richard’s tenth dog from Hull Animal Welfare and every one has been different but loved just the same.  I know that I am now loved and safe so thank you all at Hull Animal Welfare for finding me my forever home.  Lots of love.  Frankie xxx